Would like to be a part of making millions of women feel better?

Olivia is a digital menopause guide. With Olivia women will be able to understand more about themselves and about menopause, track symptoms and see how these progresses and, get personalizes tips on what to do to feel better.

Olivia is a startup based in Stockholm, founded by Mina and Amy, a Swede and a Dutch and we are on an exiting journey to change the lives of many women.

Om rollen

We are looking for a developer to build our MVP, preferable in ReactNative and we are aiming on going live with the MVP in 2-3 months. We are looking for either a freelancer for a more short-term assignment, or someone that would love to be a part of our team as a technical co-founder.

If you see yourself as driven, creative and have a passion for innovation, then this can be it. Ideally, you have experience in product, and if you have worked for an early-stage startup before it’s really great.


Application and for any questions you might have contact us on hello@join-olivia.com

Svenska Nomader är en mötesplats för svenska digitala nomader. Här diskuterar vi hur man som individ möjliggör distansarbete men även vilken påverkan förändringar i arbetslivet har för både företag och samhälle. Digitalisering, globalisering och gig-ekonomin – det är några av de samhällsförändringar som driver oss och vårt community framåt.

👉🏼 Frågor? Kontakta oss på hej@svenskanomader.se